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(eng) The Importance of Tracking Your Finances -2-

That afternoon after delivering the passengers, Pak Asep headed to the supermarket to fill e-money as well as resting after a long journey to take passengers with traffic jams and the flooding of Jakarta’s streets. While enjoying a glass of warm coffee that he bought at the supermarket, he wanted to see the points of his trip, already working since this morning it seems he can go home earlier today. His wife who was complaining asked him to help clean the house. 

When he opened the online taxi application he saw that his points were reduced, it turns out the passenger before had given him a 1 star, destroying all his performance today.

“Oh my God, what am I doing wrong !! “Exclaimed Pak  Asep in his disappointment after seeing the history of his performance which was destroyed because of a small problem

” Maybe this is because I did not obey his desire to drop off in the middle of the road earlier “murmured Pak  Asep. Even though Pak Asep was only worried that he would be suspended if he dropped off his passengers, not on his destination. Sad but unable to do anything, Pak Asep can only accept without being able to complain.  

Still disappointed, he seems to have to work late at night to restore his performance back. He has to collect the bonuses for his children’s school fees.

 “Cklingg ..” the new order just entered. 

Don’t want to dissolve in sadness for a long time, Pak  Asep returned to work, there is no time to complain at a time like this. He drove to the location of the passenger pickup. Passengers with a woman’s makeup that are clearly more muscular than Pak Asep’s body, feelings are starting to get mixed up. Passenger knocked on the window, “Pak  Asep huh?” asked the woman in a spoiled tone. 

The passenger chose to sit next to Pak  Asep, the feeling of wanting to get down from the car was what Pak  Asep felt. But after all, this is Pak Asep’s chance to improve his performance. 

Pak Asep, who usually talks a lot with passengers this time, prefers to remain silent. Just play the radio to fill the silence of the quiet car. 

“This goal is correct, right? mba .. bro .. sis .. “asked Pak  Asep 

” Yes really sir, to the Hotel Melati” he replied in a spoiled tone

It was quiet again, but Pak  Asep could feel a glance, clearly the passengers saw him for some time .

Pak Asep began to tremble in fear, several times he had indeed gotten passengers like this but did not sit in the passenger chair. 

Because the floods make the streets of Jakarta increasingly jammed, it feels like years in this car, it has been creeped off by Asep, the passenger continues to be seen by the passenger. 

“Teettttt ” the horn of Pak  Asep who accidentally pressed it after the passenger touched Asep’s pack. Some of the motorbikes in front of the pack Asep started to glance at his car with annoyed looks. 

Pak Asep could not take it anymore, he had to drop off the passenger. Pak  Asep stopped by the supermarket to force the passenger down. 

Never mind let me work hard until late at night, but not with the behavior of this passenger. 

As a result, Pak Asep’s performance decreased again, no matter how uncomfortable he was with the physical contact he was doing. He can only accept the surrender of a star given by his passenger earlier. 

Pak  Asep called his wife to apologize because he was going to work overtime today. This performance bonus is very beneficial for Pak Asep. The burden of having to pay rent for his rental car is already burdensome, and the child who is currently undergoing college. The money generated just from attracting passengers is still not enough without these bonuses. 

Working from early morning until midnight to raise money to live a hard life in Jakarta, making him have to work hard. Even for eating, Pak Asep only took time to eat in the car with the provisions that his wife had prepared since dawn. For the sake of working for his wife and children sometimes he also ignores his health, he does not want to spend a day without  making a living. 

Pak Asep has worked hard without knowing the time. Until one morning Pak Asep felt a quiet headache but he ignored it. While on his way to the supermarket where he usually waits for orders suddenly..

“Braaak !!” Pak Asep’s car hit the sidewalk, and his hand hit very hard. It’s because he tried to avoid the reckless motorcycle that tried to overtake his car. 

Pak Asep was unconscious and he was rushed to the hospital by another driver. His wife heard this news and was very surprised and rushed to the hospital where Pak  Asep was treated. Pak Asep’s hand and head were seriously injured, so he had to be treated for several days. 

When going to take care of hospital costs, the hospital bills are substantial costs. Unfortunately as an online taxi driver, Pak Asep does not get employment and social security. Even for accident insurance is only obtained when carrying passengers, whereas when driving alone there is absolutely no insurance whatsoever. This made Pak Asep use his own expenses to pay for his insurance. 

Pak Asep’s wife complained about this incident, with a mediocre income on how to manage finances plus having to register insurance. The nextdoor patient who heard the complaint of Pak  Asep’s wife gave advice for taking insurance and also used the financial management application.

“What application is that, sir? Does it become easier? ” asked Pak Asep’s wife. 

“Yes ma’am, I was told to know my neighbors too, people like us who have difficulty managing finances using this application so much easier,” answered the patient.

“I used to be afraid to use insurance because of expensiveness, but this application helped me become easier to manage my financial division” Add the patient

“If I may know what application it is?” asked Pak Asep’s wife curiously. 

“The application is called YONK,” answered the patient.Since then Pak Asep’s wife registered insurance and used YONK as his financial regulator. YONK with its blockchain technology provides transaction convenience and traceability so as to provide security for its users as well as transparency of expenditure records that make it easy for users to manage their finances. By using YONK, Pak Asep’s wife does not need to worry anymore about financial management, which must be added to the expenditure of insurance costs. It is important for Pak  Asep to have a health insurance which his job is quite dangerous for him if you are not careful YONK solutions for your finances to be wiser in spending, click the following link for more information


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