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Sea Cucumbers, Marine Animal Full of Benefits

This article is part of the #PelangiDiLautan : Welfare program for smiles at sea

This program is a collaboration between several blockchain-based companies to introduce and explore sea cucumbers more broadly, improve the standard of living and welfare of fishermen, and commit to realize a better economic ecosystem.

The writings in the #PelangiDiLautan program are inspired by the experience carried out in the Saumlaki area, West Southeast Maluku. However, some characters, characters, events, locations and dialogues are fiction and are arranged dramatically to make it more interesting. If there are similarities in the names of characters, places of events or stories, it is merely a coincidence and there is no element of intent

There are still some people who are not familiar with one of these marine animals, Sea Cucumbers. Sea cucumbers are one of marine invertebrate animals that live in the bottom of the sea, usually it is often found in the Pacific Ocean region. It’s called sea cucumbers because of their large round shape like cucumbers. 

Sea cucumbers are one of the marine animals that have many benefits compared to other types of marine fish. Just its shape is not as beautiful as other marine animals, sea cucumbers contain many benefits that are very good for the body. Sea cucumber itself is often used as Chinese medicine because of its abundant properties. 

However, due to the small number of sea cucumber farmers, sea cucumbers are also rather rare to obtain, only a few locations have sea cucumbers farmers, this makes the price of sea cucumbers more expensive. But who would have thought the price of this expensive Sea Cucumber remains a favorite food for some people. Even some people are willing to spend large amounts of money to successfully get these sea cucumbers. This is because those who already understand and feel the benefits of nutrition in consuming sea cucumbers for health. Sea cucumbers with all the nutritional content such as vitamins A, B2, B3, Omega 3 and 6, Collagen, and several other nutritional content that can nourish the body and fight cancer (Click: Sea Cucumber Against Cancer). 

With abundant nutritional content, of course, some people are willing to reach into their pockets to get these marine animals. Sea cucumbers are also a delicious seafood to eat everyday, with its chewy texture, Sea Cucumber will be suitable to be used as sashimi or other vegetable dishes. Consuming sea cucumbers everyday will provide benefits for abundant health. Eating sea cucumbers it’s healthier than consuming junk-food that are bad for health.

For men, consuming sea cucumbers can also help correct urinary tract abnormalities in men. As for women, sea cucumbers which is rich in collagen content, it is best consumed as a neutralizing beauty, and to maintain the quality of the skin so that it remains young. With a variety of sources of the efficacy of this Sea Cucumber will certainly be worth the prices, Sea Cucumbers are like a delicious natural medicine that will be very good for human health to be consumed. 

In improving the quality of sea cucumbers in order to preserve the nutrition and efficacy of sea cucumbers, sea cucumbers must be processed properly. Many of the fishermen still using traditional methods in processing sea cucumbers, where the traditional ways have the potential of sea cucumbers not process hygienically. Ledgernow in helping to improve the quality level of sea cucumbers helps fishermen using modern technology to clean sea cucumbers hygienically and easily. With the use of modern technology that will facilitate the sale of sea cucumbers to consumers. Ledgernow blockchain-based technology can help fishermen to facilitate sea cucumber delivery to suppliers by using blockchain technology. Blockchain that provides secures the data more safely. Together with Ledgernow, consumers can more easily connect with sea cucumber fishermen who have guaranteed quality, and shipments that can be tracked in real-time.

LedgerNow helps sea cucumbers fishermen, to work more optimally for the achievement of welfare for sea cucumbers fishermen in Indonesia. LedgerNow uses a blockchain system to help suppliers and fishermen are connected with a system that is more real time and a high level of security. Click the following link for more information 

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