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How India and its Blockchain Community is redefining Social Service?

There’s an entity Indicoin which is showing burgeoned progress in the fluctuating Bitcoin market.

Indicoin is a decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency and a social service platform that enables users to use smart contracts to provide social proof to the blockchain community through a decentralized, unbiased and transparent voting process thereby incentivizing and encouraging the user community to undertake more such social tasks.

With this as motive, it marked the first appearance for the presale on 10th September. The response from all across the world proved the genuinity of the project and the keen interest of the investors showed the trust for the stability of Indicoin.

As the website depicts that Indicoin’s first phase of presale was a great success with the contribution of 18.2M tokens and the inclusion of 900ETH that has been raised.

The numbers are huge and I believe that there would be no force which can suppress this rate.

Indicoin will soon be launching the main token sale on various platforms, some of them being leading exchanges in terms of volume with whom it has an agreement of getting listed immediately after the token sale.

The ICO is hitting on 1st October and it would be interesting to see how it turns out to be after the presale being huge success.

The developers believe that India being such a huge opportunity to make it’s people socially aware and active about it’s decision that how the Indians actually want to progress i.e. as a unit or fragmented and feel utilised by the system with zero satisfaction. Here is the time to take an early call to take a step ahead and lead on your own.

As a society we can let happen only what is correct, so the Indicoin’s DApp is going to provide a platform for the same society to let happen what is correct and disapprove whatever is wrong through “Proof Of Work”.

As a community people should come forward to be the part of change and welcome a bright future.

Indicoin is a decentralised currency which will prove its importance in near future and it is going to revolutionise the way of money to look at.It is an opportunity for the Indians to go toe to toe with world.We should come together as a community, adopt the Blockchain technology and transform the atmosphere according to our wish as a whole.

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