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(eng) The Importance of Tracking Your Finances -3-

After dinner, it’s time for study. Rita chose to enter the room instead of hanging out with her friends in the living room. Rita prefers to study in a quiet room while listening to her favorite song. She repeated the lecture material today and summarized the material in his book. 

“Brrrrt … … brrtttt ……” Rita’s cell phone rings break her concentration. Her mother called. 

As usual, her mother always called almost every day to just ask what she was doing there or what she ate today. Sometimes, mothers also talk about activities at home such as cooking, washing clothes and even complaining about their sales that have not been sold. 

Rita’s father had an accident, mother called Rita and cried at that time. Rita only held back her sadness because she did not want to add to burden her mother if she was sad. 

“Do you still have money? Sorry, I haven’t been able to send because I paid for the hospital and the car installments yesterday, ” Said Rita’s mother on the phone.

“My money is still enough, ma’am,” Rita answered with tears in her eyes.

Rita was forced to lie so that her mother would not worry. Even though at that time Rita only had 100,000 rupiah left until the end of the month. So far, Rita has never complained and saved as much as possible. Luckily, he was able to live in a campus dormitory, which was prioritized for high-achieving students like her. During college he also sought extra to pay for tuition by becoming a tutor in Yogyakarta. 

That afternoon it was raining. Rita has a teaching schedule, she was tutoring highschool students. After taking an umbrella at the dorm she rushed to the bus stop to wait for public transportation. When riding on a transport, Rita suddenly realized that her wallet had been left behind. He tried to dig into his bag and hoped that there were some bills tucked. But the results are nil. Rita only has an e-Wallet balance of 25,000. At that time the passengers inside were only Rita and another schoolgirl. 

“Sorry, do you have more money? I forgot to bring money, instead I’ll pay later using e-Wallet transfer, “asked Rita to a high school kid sitting across from her.

“Sorry sis, it’s just right for the cost of going home,” answered the high school student

Rita, who was very sorry about this. If only public transportation in this city could already use e-Wallet it would definitely be easier. When the forgetfulness of carrying cash only scans the barcode and the business can be finished, Rita murmured. Luckily, public transportation stops right in front of the lessons room. Then he got the idea to contact his friend to wait right in front of the bimbel so that he could pay the fee for Rita when he got off later.

As usual, Rita teaches in class with enthusiasm until 8 pm. Unfortunately, when the class was about to end, a student approached Rita. 

“Sis, after this can you give me additional lessons? Because tomorrow I have a repeat test, “said the student. 

Rita really wanted to refuse, but she never had the heart to have to leave her students who wanted to ask for additional learning. Moreover, on the other hand he must also consider the curfew in the hostel which requires him to go home before 9 pm. Finally, Rita decided to keep giving her students additional lessons without thinking about where she would have to sleep. 

The clock shows 9 o’clock to ten minutes. There is no time for Rita to return to the dormitory, because the journey from where she teaches to the dormitory takes approximately 15 minutes. Rita tried to contact her friend to sleep in tonight. Some of his friends who were contacted could not help because it was past curfew in his boarding house. Suddenly he remembered Siska with his classmate. To Rita’s knowledge, Siska never complained about the curfew at her boarding house. Then Rita tried to contact him.

Luckily Siska responded quickly and invited Rita to sleep in her place. Rita immediately ordered a motorcycle taxi online to Siska’s place because public transportation did not pass through it. Arriving there, Rita was surprised because the address given by Siska was not like a boarding house in general but an apartment. 

“Rit, I’m here! “Said Siska who called Rita from a distance.

Rita’s daydream shattered when she saw Siska waving her hand and she immediately headed there. 

“It’s good too Sis, you live here, it must be expensive,” said Rita.

“Well, that’s how hehe,” Siska replied. 

Both of them headed to the 5th floor using the elevator. When he arrived at Siska he was even more amazed to see it. A very spacious place complete with bathroom, living room and kitchen in one room with neat arrangement and matching colors. Not to mention the balcony that shows the view of the city of Yogyakarta at night. 

Rita was astonished by Siska’s lifestyle. Because he knows that Siska is not from a rich family. You could say their lives are almost the same. Moreover, Rita still has to look for a part-time job to make ends meet and help pay for her tuition. Meanwhile Siska did not, as Rita knew, she only worked as a volunteer in the Yogyakarta area at one of the Social Foundations based in Jakarta. All this makes a big question mark for Rita. Where did Siska get this luxury? While he had to try harder to make ends meet. This made Rita question more …


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